Jun 22, 2021 Business

Steps involved in dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is the same as regular home laundering but the only difference is that they use chemicals instead of water. The solvent which is used to clean has very little water or no water at all that’s it has got name dry-cleaning. The main advantage of dry cleaning is that it does not shrink the cloth nor fade the beautiful colors on it. The process is very simple and cheap dry cleaning singapore. Let us discuss all the steps involved in the dry cleaning process.

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  • Inspection and tagging: when you take your items to the dry cleaning store they first put a tag on all your items. After this starts the inspection process in which they check if there is ant tear, button missing or hard stains, etc and they mention all the points in another tag and attach that also to your items.
  • Pre-spotting: Once the above step is completed then the pre-spotting is done that is a chemical solvent is applied to your items. Then through a vacuum or heating process, the hard stains are removed. This is the major part of the dry cleaning process.
  • Dry cleaning process: This step is not known by many people. Once the pre-spotted is completed then your items are kept in the large cylinder which is full of non-water-based solvent. Ten the cylinder is rotated the cylinder has tiny holes through which the excess non-water solvent comes out. Once that is completed then the cylinder spins through spinning the excess solvent is removed and then warm air is released which makes the clothes completely dry.
  • Post spotting: Here the dry cleaner will check if there are any more stains left if yes then the pre-spotting step is repeated.
  • Finishing: Once the complete process of cleaning is done then your items go through steam ironing which will make your clothes look new.


Hope this information is useful and you have understood the complete process of dry cleaning.