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Mar 18, 2021 Business

Organic Delivery Throughout San Diego, California

When you decide to live organically it can initially be a hard adjustment to make. The reasons behind your organic switch probably lie in the amazing health and environmental benefits and not so much in the ease of obtaining organic products. And while mainstream grocery stores are beginning to carry more organic fruits and vegetables, it is not nearly enough to satisfy a full diet. So where can an organic eater to go? Or even better, what can an organic eater have brought to them?

Not every farm is an organic farm. Inorganic farmers will abuse the land and natural resources of that land in order to get the biggest product by the fastest means. Organic farmers, on the other hand, tend to the land in the least obtrusive way. Organic farmers don’t use pesticides or chemicals on their farms unlike many inorganic farmers who resort to pesticides to protect crops from insects. Organic farmers make their own compost which protects the soil from being contaminated by the chemicals included in many mass produced fertilizers. Thus when you buy from an organic farmer you can feel sure that you are buying naturally vitamin-enriched products that don’t contain any pesticide residue or any other chemical that takes away from the product itself.

The approaches taken by an organic farmer not only create healthy products but they also put fewer chemicals into the land which cause environmental damages. Toxic runoff from inorganic farms which come from the use of pesticides and herbicides can seep through the soil depleting the soil of its natural nutrients or even worse, contaminating the water source. A contaminated water source means lower quality water for an entire County and eventually more health complications for the population which drinks from it. Hence, organic farms not only create better tasting food but they also help stop the damage that the modern world has placed on its own environment. ongkir Jakarta Surabaya

So if you have made the decision to eat organically, the first question is to ask where to shop. In San Diego County, there are a number of choices. The landscape and sublime temperatures lend the area to the conditions needed for optimal fresh food growth. One of the most well known organic farms in the San Diego area is the Seabreeze Organic Farm. Located near Carmel Valley, this farm carries everything an organic eater could want… and all for delivery! Their typical delivery list includes an array of fresh fruit, vegetable, fish (caught by local fisherman), herbs, general grocery needs like sour cream and spaghetti and much more. As with any organic farm, some products are seasonal and not available at all times of the year. Seabreeze makes deliveries on a weekly basis and works on an automatic billing cycle. You can choose specific products to purchase or you can let the farm choose for you! As a part-time organic eater, I allow the farm to choose my main basket and then add on a few other things for my basic needs. The main basket always contains the freshest of lettuces and herbs and a type of starch (usually potatoes but sometimes yams or squash) and ends up being a great deal at only $14.99 per basket. The delivery changes each week though, so always be sure to check out what the delivery is so you can know if you need to order extra. Or if you prefer not to purchase pre-formed items such as this you can pick products out individually and have the same list shipped every week. It will end up costing you more this way, but you will always get what you know you will need in the upcoming week. Delivery orders are only formed online as the farm is not open to the public (though you can schedule a visit which I recommend to organic newcomers). The online ordering system is simplistic and accurate with the prices being displayed on every product and always accurate in their description. Seabreeze is a great option as an organic delivery service to the San Diego area and is sure to please all levels of organic eaters!

Another organic delivery option which makes organic eating a breeze is Organic To Go. This service is widespread as it offers delivery through Southern California and parts of the East Coast as well. Unlike the Seabreeze Organic Farm, Organic To Go is more like a catering service. You can order prepared meals from Organic To Go which makes eating healthy very convenient. The products offered by Organic To Go are local whenever possible and always fresh which bring new flavors to old classic meal options. This company produces everything from sandwiches to pizza to soup making it a good option to satisfy a family with different likes and dislikes. And the best part is that you won’t pay much more than you would for a regular sandwich! My favorite sandwich, the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Breast, costs only $8, and is more than enough to fill someone up for lunch. So when you are in a time crunch or just don’t feel like making dinner for your little organic eaters, try Organic To Go; its fast-food, done organically.

Whether you are just starting out as an organic eater or made the decision years ago, finding organic restaurants and farms can be difficult. But one safe bet no matter where you are on eating organically is to find a local farmer’s market. Local farmer markets, such as Henri’s of San Diego, usually hold a large quantity of organic products. While most farmers markets don’t typically deliver, they are sure to know someone who does or make a deal with you! And with options like that there’s no reason not to eat organic.