Apr 21, 2021 Health

Anti-Aging Nutrients and Glutathione Antioxidants

There are several factors which can accelerate aging and several more that may slow it down. An important element is nutrition. Some nutrients accelerate aging, others defy it. As we have seen, many scientists consider the process of aging to be greatly affected by free radicals.

These may be neutralized by our body’s own defence, one of which is known as free-radical scavenging. We now have our own source of antioxidants, the compounds that neutralize free radicals, and these patrol our blood and cells, seeking free radicals to neutralize.


There are many different types of antioxidants and so-called free-radical scavengers, which include:

  • vitamins E and C
  • beta carotene
  • grape seed extract
  • lycopene
  • lute in and zeaxanthin
  • polyphenol and catechism

To really take full advantage of the neutralizing attributes of antioxidants, we will need to understand how we can boost our supplies of the useful age-defying chemicals. Some folks eat them, others consume them in pill form and others take them in the shape of an injection. The best strategy is to eat them in the food that we eat. There are many foods which contain the antioxidants mentioned previously.

Vitamins and Beta carotene

Rich sources of vitamin C are Citrus fruits and certain tropical fruits like papaya, kiwi fruits and mangoes. You can discover high levels of vitamin E in nuts and sunflower seeds, in addition to green tea, wheat germ and liver. Beta carotene is found in yellow or deep-collared fruits, such as mangoes, and vegetables such as carrots, kale and spinach.

Grape Seed Extract

This is a very powerful free Radical scavenging antioxidant, especially if prepared from the seeds of green and white grapes. It is also thought to help keep capillaries and connective tissues in good shape.

Lots of People chew the seeds when eating grapes to achieve the most benefits from this valuable anti-aging nutrient. However, some folks find this unpalatable. Grape seed extract is also available in pill form, which is available in most health food stores.

Grape seed extract is a Powerful antioxidants in Lone Star Centers which may be obtained either in a supplement or by chewing the seeds found in fresh grapes.


Another Terrific antioxidant, Lycopene, can be found in berries. Surprisingly, raw tomatoes are not a particularly rich source of the chemical. Cooked tomatoes, tomato ketchup or tomato sauce are much better resources.

Lute in and Zeaxanthin

These photochemical are found in a number of fruits and vegetables, but the best sources are blueberries and bilberries. Lute in and zeaxanthin are used primarily to combat aging of the eye, but also have a part to play in cancer prevention and in protecting the brain against the effects of aging.