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Step by step instructions to Stop Child Trafficking at the Source

With over $12 billion a year in income, child trafficking has gotten one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises on the planet. Counteraction and rehabilitation are the main focus of many government and private organizations; notwithstanding, few non-benefit organizations are focusing their attention on shutting down the demand side of this enterprise by targeting the day to day buyers who fuel the sex-trade industry.

Children Charity

The Predators

In October 2008, a New Jersey man pleaded liable in Newark to three counts of traveling to Thailand with the intent to engage in illegal sexual lead, and one tally each of producing and possessing child pornography. Wayne Nelson Corliss was the subject of an overall INTERPOL alert, based distinctly on an anonymous photo. This sole bit of proof brought ICE agents the leads they expected to locate and arrest Corliss. Since at that point, two other men in Alabama have pleaded liable to traveling with Corliss to Thailand to have sex with little youngsters.

how to stop child trafficking? While governments and non-benefit organizations continue to work perseveringly to stem the tide of the growing child trafficking industry, the criminal networks engaged in this exceptionally profitable activity are becoming more brutal and benefit driven than any other time in recent memory. The principles of supply side economics continue to prevail in the global child slavery business. Supply is a side-effect of demand, and when demand rises, so does the requirement for supply.

Child Slavery Is An Atrocious Crime Against Humanity

Child trafficking accounts for half of all advanced human slavery. Slavery is a type of constrained labor wherein individuals are considered to be the property of others. Slaves can be held against their will from the hour of their capture, purchase or birth, and denied of the option to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand wages. The individuals who use these children include: pornographers, sex tourists and facilitators, human smugglers and traffickers of minors, criminal aliens indicted for offenses against minors, and individuals expelled for exploitation offenses who have returned illegally. Oftentimes, these predators share their files of children being molested with different predators and use streaming video showing molestation of children in real time. Those who go after children are regularly trusted members of the victims’ families or communities and include relatives of victims, ministers, doctors, athletic coaches, daycare and camp directors, teachers, janitors, babysitters, law implementation officials and firefighters.