May 03, 2020 General

Calculate Truck Toll – Ought to Be Paying Us

Let me get this straight? You want me to drive on a road and pay you? Come again? Let is dissect this logic for a minute? You pay money to push on screwed up roads to get near where you want to be while the streets and lumps break your vehicle and your gear and then you wait in line for an opportunity to pay them for such a excellent service? Because from where I am parked with this so expressway there appears to be a lack of common sense, please, Thomas Paine helps me out here. Yes it is uncommon, but do the masses endure for this irony?

Truck Toll

EPA and the DOT want To modulate the amount of pollution your car puts out and then place their own toll both collectors at risk every day from unnecessary intakes of carbon dioxide and state see We are providing jobs What? You are killing people and causing more pollution, dummies, ever wondered this affects government employee’s health care price? I guess us taxpayers get stuck with that bill that is tremendous? If the toll booths in America were shot down tomorrow along with the stream of efficacy was returned to you and I and our families, companies and own government, everybody would be more productive and therefore more people would be employed and pay in the system and therefore more cash for the states for many services such as streets, more cash in the pockets of American’s, less pollution, less lung disease, lower healthcare costs for SENIORS as though they are all that matters what about their grand children obviously they are equally as worried there.

Why is it that we as Americans cannot see the forest for the trees? When you raise the cost from $1.00 to 1.35 it takes longer for the individual in the car to find the ideal change and more for the tollbooth operator to generate change and for that reason causes increased traffic. If the Dulles Greenway Privately runs toll way cannot make money and has not been profitable, what on God’s little blue world makes politicians and bureaucrats think they are profitable? They are not. People in the past have stated that Americans are enslaved Vrachtwagen tol berekenen. Others have said and that we will be enslaved to machines’ computer heads.

Perhaps this Potential future portrayed in science fiction films and Terminator III and books. But the biggest travesty on earth is to be enslaved to a lot of concrete and rebar. Consider it we are currently working for the concrete, that concrete is not currently working for us. We are enslaved to the most stupid material.